Book One of the Tale of Mystra's Champions

What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Session 1 Recap

Each of the odd group felt a pull or summons toward an unknow site in the Dalelands. At the edge of a set of ancient ruins one by one the odd assortment came to the temple wall they had each seen in their dreams. Only after the group of six was all together did they gain entrance to the temple.

Within the ruins the a low mist covered a round courtyard from which rose three skeletons with a clatter on bone on bone. The skeletons were sent back to their rest and the group searched the area. The mysterious, cloaked elf, found a secret door at the rear of the temple. After the door was opened a set of steep stairs led downward.

Below ground the stench of rot and decay heralded the arrival of zombies. The cleric of Mystra turned the zombies with the might of his goddess. Another secret door led again downward where more skeletons waited on the stairs.

After the skeletons were vanquied the group found a maze on yet another level of the temple dungeon. At the center of the maze a stone box was found. after the clerin cleverly solved the puzzles protecting not only the box, but also a stone tablet found within the box a kiir of an elven family was found within the tablet.

The gold elf historian from Evermeet took the chance that the kiir was the one lost by her family ages ago. After she had used the kiir the maiden spoke that she understood now the reason for her long journey, then stepped into the solid black marble column at the center of the maze.

Within moments of her stepping within it, a ghostly form of the maiden came forth with ominous news.
“Bare these words special note, for I have given my life and soul to bring them forth from the mists of times long, long gone. In the days of Netheril, the Wizard Karsus’s hubris made him think he could be a god of magic. Mystryl to save magic would sacrifice her original incarnation. In those days Mystryl held dominion over Magic and Time. And she saw a day where the Darkness would lead the Mad God in killing Magic. In time she saw you, her Champions. Gifts she has left for her Champions. These things you will need. Time can be rewritten. This quest is given to you, her Unforeseen Champions. Succeed and all magic and power will be yours, fail and the face of Toril will be scarred forever. Now heed me, my sacrifice has raised spirits who have long been trapped in this darkness oubliette. You cannot win, run, run for your lives and all those who you love in this world. Run to the Light!”

After fleeing the ghosts the party rested and withdrew from the temple only to find three odd mercenaries lying in wait. After the battle the party felt stronger (Level 2 attained).

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